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  1. Hugh Plappert Says:

    I love reading your work.

    Please write a book on the “History of Holiness”.

    Have you ever looked into the history of Bible Schools in Christianity, the UPCI, trends, and impacts?

    I discovered the records from the Apostolic Bible College are still in Tulsa, OK. In a pentecost church pastored by Rev. Dykes. Rev. Don Martin has his contact information.

    Some of the old Pentecostal Outlooks have ads from some of those early Bible Schools.

    The UPCI is finding an alarming trend of fewer young ministers… any connection to Bible Schools?

    Hugh Plappert

  2. Lanis Johnson Says:

    I was given a subject in prayer/study for a ‘home bible meeting’ containing trinitarians. It was so effective as God does a true work. It has sparked tons of interest on my MySpace site as well. Is it possible to place it here? [Surely you have the right to edit/or deny and I’ll understand totally.

  3. frank febus Says:

    The works of Marvin Arnold cover all the centuries of Apostolic history from Pentecost to the twentieth century. Do you ascribe to his findings?

  4. JNA Says:

    Great source Matthew. I love this place and I reference it often. Keep the night oil burning and the pen moving. I would like to see a piece done on Horace Bushnell. Have you heard of him? Thomas Weisser edited and published his works. You can find it at At any rate, he was brought before the association of Congregational Ministers in 1849 about his views on the deity of Christ. Very interesting stuff. I have a few .pdfs of a review.

  5. Pastor Ruramutswa john Says:

    First of all I greet you in Jesus name. I visited your website and be pleased with it. Now if it can be possible we can have a Partnership with you. This will be a blessing to our Nations and even to you. I hope that the Holy spirit will explain more to you as you continue to think about it. God bless you.Any Question concerning this please contact me.
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    Phon. +250 08739653
    Grneral secretary Birori clement
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  6. OneAccord Says:

    I “discovered” you blog by accident- I appreciate your writings and your knowledge of our Heritage.

  7. whstp Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that people are reading this and I am forwarding this off to others.

  8. Sammie Phillips Says:

    God bless you for the information, can you find any boos on Raymond g. Hoekstra. thanks your brother in Christ Sammie Phillips.

  9. Frank Febus Says:

    Brother, My last reply to you was not posted. Did you receive it?
    Pastor Frank Febus

  10. tbotnik Says:

    Just dropped you an email.

    America has lost it’s way and is being judged.

    Visit the blog at:

    Learn and help turn away the curse.


    Nyle Davis – TBotNik

  11. Shondae Says:

    Bro. Shaw!

    I feel so blessed! I have been attending classes online for Criminal Justice (social work) and recently, my professor approved my topic for writing my essay of Early Pentecostal Christian Movement. He also approved for me to use your site as a reference. The great thing is that we discuss our topics and work with the other students in the class and leave room for their questions and answers. This topic is gaining a lot of interest, and I am getting more excited as I go. God has put our history as a need into my heart, and it is His perfect timing how things are working out! I am just incredibly blessed. Thank you for your help!

  12. jesusblogger Says:

    Praise Jesus,

    I’ve recently started a group on Facebook to try and gather all the Jesus name believers into a single spot online, its a bit of an ambitious project – and is still embryonic. I wondered if you would be kind enough to check it out, maybe join and also write an honest (no hold barred) review on your blog – or simply point your readers to it (pretty please?) I’ve posted a link to your blog on our Fan Page already! is the link.

    • mcshaw2 Says:


      Thank you for linking to my blog. I am sorry, but I don’t have a Facebook account, so I won’t be able to join the group!

      Many blessings!

  13. kim pito Says:

    I am interested in purchase old tapes of Bishop Morris E. Golder. Could you please help me in my search?

    • TheOldLandmark Says:

      I am not certain, but I think Grace has some available. You can contact the church at 317.925.8103.

  14. Mary Dyer Says:

    Mr. Shaw, My 87 yr old Mother is asking me to find the song Acts 2:38 by S.K. Grimes. Her and her sister used to sing this song in church when they were young. I was unable to find anything on this song until I came across your site today. Your site is the only place I was able to find out any information at all. I was able to find part of the song, but not all. Do you have any idea where i can find the full lyrics and possible the sheet music to this song? Any help is greatly appreciated! And thank you for the information on our heritage, very well done :^)

    • TheOldLandmark Says:

      Sis. Dyer:

      The song is part of the Bridegroom Songbook published by Christ Temple, Indianapolis. If you’d like to purchase a copy (they’re only a few dollars, I believe), you can contact the church. I remember the chorus:

      O what will you do with Acts 2.38?
      The way that leads to life is narrow and straight.
      Repent and be baptized.
      God is speaking do not wait.
      You’ll find full directions there in Acts 2.38.

      I have my copy somewhere and would be happy to send you a photo copy of the song, if you’ll send along your address.


  15. Lanis Johnson Says:

    Bro..I lost my AOL mail account to hackers. They use it or spaming and I need to cancel the newsletter to and resend it to Thanks and keep up the good work in Jesus Name.

  16. Quick Facts Says:

    You you should make changes to the blog title Contact Me The Old Landmark: Celebrating Apostolic Heritage to more specific for your content you make. I liked the post all the same.

  17. Angelia Michael Says:

    It is good be able to refer back to the truth of anything. The truth was established long before the 1900’s. The bible say for us to prove all things. It has been proven that Jesus is a lie. The name didn’t exist in the 1611 version of the KJV. The name of our heavenly father has been blotted out of the bible to prevent people from knowing that his name is “Yahuah.” His son came in the name of his father,”Yahusha.” The old testament has the history of the Hebrew Israelites and the true identiy is that they are the Black Americans that were brought to this country by ships, as the book of Deuteronomy describes. You guys had better wake up and understand the truth about the modern day Egypt. Right now the doors of the gentile age is opened to all who will receive and obey, but when those doors close no gentile will receive salvation. Those doors are slowly closing as the truth is unveiled. Read the old testament to discover the truth and stop believing the lies that you have been fed through Christianity. Read Isaiah 42:8 and seek the truth for yourself. Please, to all who desire the truth, search the scriptures and stop relying on the lies of the false prophets that stand in the pulpits on Sunday who disregard the true Sabbath day. KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. The covenant that has been commanded throughout the old and new testament.

  18. daniel Says:

    is the bethel bible college building still around today, in topeka, ks
    thanks daniel

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